Fairmont Staff Thanks WFC2009

By Kevin on November 5th, 2009
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Elspeth Kovar, WFC2009 At-Con Hotel Liaison, informs us that the bell staff of the Fairmont wants us to let you know how very much they appreciate all of the members of WFC2009.

“‘We enjoy having you here’ is standard,” writes Elspeth, “and, in my experience, always true with SF conventions. But this was a special event for them, enough so that I was told and asked to pass it along.

“All too often folks don’t see the bell staff, or other front-line staff, as individuals. You, our membership, did. You looked them in the eye, chatted with them, said ‘thank you,’ and smiled at them when you went by. You have my thanks as well as on their behalf: it was special for them because you’re a pretty special bunch.”

So, thank you from the hotel staff to you, and also from the WFC2009 committee. It has been a long time since a convention of this type was in the San Jose Fairmont Hotel — it was the headquarters hotel for the 2002 Worldcon, ConJosé — and we’re happy to see how well everything worked as we returned after seven years’ absence.

By Rina Weisman on 11.05.09 2:09 pm

It certainly helped to tip well, and often!

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