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PDF copies of our progress report are available for download from the Progress Reports page.

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If you are interested in advertising in our program book please see our ad rates.

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All members will receive the traditional World Fantasy Convention book bags. See the Book Bags page for more information if you are interested in contributing material for the attendee book bags.

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By Val Ontell on 08.18.09 6:12 pm

Please correct the spelling of my and my husband Ron’s last name. It is Ontell, not Ontel. Thank you.

Val Ontell

By Cheryl Morgan on 08.19.09 3:47 am


I’ll pass on your request to our Publications people, though obviously there is nothing we can do about copies that have already been downloaded or mailed.

By Tom Whitmore on 08.19.09 10:49 am

Hey, Val, apologies about that. It appears to be wrong in the registration database, and I’m getting in touch with the Reg people to ge that changed. Thanks for letting us know, and we’ll do our best to get it changed in any subsequent listing and on your badges!

By Tom Whitmore on 08.19.09 10:55 am

And Registration has already fixed it, as the current Membership list shows. I’d rather not change the PDF of the PR that’s already out there (I kind of think of these things as archival), but we can if you really want us to.

By Val Ontell on 08.31.09 6:02 pm

So long as it will be correct from now on, then it’s fine.


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