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Most email addresses for the 2009 World Fantasy Convention have now been retired. The only address at which you can contact us is:

Our staff list is as follows. The email addresses no longer work.

  • Chair: David Gallaher (chair@)
  • Vice Chair: Rina Weisman (chair@)
  • Treasurer: Cindy Scott (treasurer@)
  • Hotel/Facilities (at-con): Elspeth Kovar (hotel@)
  • Program: Alan Beatts (programming@)
  • Program Operations: Sarah Goodman (ops@)
  • Guest Liaison: Dawn Plaskon, Colleen Cahill, Judith Kindell, Peggy Rae Sapienza (goh@)
  • Banquet: Linda McAllister (banquet@)
  • Mass Signing: Gigi Gridley (autographing@)
  • Dealers Room: David W. Clark (dealers@)
  • Art Show: Carl Zwanzig (artshow@)
  • Logistics: Aaron Spielman (logistics@)
  • Membership/Registration: Glenn Glazer (registration@)
  • Hospitality: Kevin Roche & Andrew Trembley (hospitality@)
  • Publications (pre-con): Tom Whitmore (pr@)
  • Program Book: Eleanor Farrell & Patrick Swenson (pb@)
  • Local Color: Chris Garcia (localcolor@)
  • Web site: Cheryl Morgan & Kevin Standlee (website@)
  • Media Relations: Cheryl Morgan & Jean Martin (media@)
  • Publisher Liaison: Rina Weisman (pub-liaison@)
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Josh Wilson (volunteer@)

The 2009 World Fantasy Convention is a production of San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc., a non-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion of science fiction and fantasy literature. Our postal mail address is:

PO Box 61363
Sunnyvale CA 94088-1363

Other events SFSFC has run or will run include: