Banquet and Columbus Sales

By Cheryl on November 1st, 2009
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If you want a banquet ticket, or a membership for next year’s World Fantasy in Columbus, the sales table has now moved to outside the Regency Ballroom where the banquet is due to take place.

Banquet Reminder

By Cheryl on October 24th, 2009
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Monday will be the last day to pre-order your banquet tickets! Go here to purchase them. We’ll be closing the web-based purchase system after that.

However, don’t worry, we will have additional banquet tickets available at the convention through noon on Friday, October 30. If you haven’t purchased one, stop by registration desk.

Banquet Tickets Still Available

By admin on October 18th, 2009
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There are still tickets available for the WFC Banquet on Sunday at 1 PM. Tickets are $75 each (or $750 for a table of ten). We hope to see many of you at Sunday afternoon’s banquet, which will be immediately followed by the World Fantasy Awards Ceremony.

You can check to see whether you bought a ticket on the Membership List page. If there is a * by your name, our records show that you bought at least one ticket.

Banquet Reminder

By Cheryl on October 15th, 2009
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If you are planning to attend the Banquet and have special dietary requirements let us know by this coming Friday, October 16. We can not guarantee the hotel will be able to accommodate any requests after this time.

Banquet tickets for the standard menu selections will be on sale at the convention by Registration through noon on Friday.

The 2009 World Fantasy Awards will be announced after the banquet. All convention members are welcome to attend the awards ceremony.

Banquet Menu Details

By admin on September 2nd, 2009
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We have some more details on the banquet menu available here.

We are very happy to try to cater for allergy and dietary restrictions. However, the hotel has asked that we let them know about such requirements by Friday, October 16 so that they have time to plan meals and order ingredients. Write to banquet [@] if you have any such requirements.

Banquet Tickets On Sale Now

By admin on July 11th, 2009
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Tickets for the 2009 World Fantasy Awards Banquet are now on sale. There will be a choice of a beef, chicken, or vegetarian menu. Banquet tickets are $75 per person or $750 for a table of ten. You must be a member of the convention to purchase banquet tickets, and every person holding a ticket must be a member of the convention. For example, you could buy several tickets on your membership and give the tickets to other people, but those people would have to also be members of the convention in order to attend the banquet.

You can purchase tickets online on the membership registration page (scroll down to “Purchase add-ons” section if you already have a membership), or by mail. Details and further explanation are on the Banquets page.

Please note that in Progress Report 1, the e-mail address listed for questions and information about the banquet is wrong. the correct address is