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By admin on July 11th, 2009
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Tickets for the 2009 World Fantasy Awards Banquet are now on sale. There will be a choice of a beef, chicken, or vegetarian menu. Banquet tickets are $75 per person or $750 for a table of ten. You must be a member of the convention to purchase banquet tickets, and every person holding a ticket must be a member of the convention. For example, you could buy several tickets on your membership and give the tickets to other people, but those people would have to also be members of the convention in order to attend the banquet.

You can purchase tickets online on the membership registration page (scroll down to “Purchase add-ons” section if you already have a membership), or by mail. Details and further explanation are on the Banquets page.

Please note that in Progress Report 1, the e-mail address listed for questions and information about the banquet is wrong. the correct address is

By Jenny Blackford on 08.04.09 11:06 am

I have sent several query emails to the listed email address,, over the last few weeks, but I have had no reply. I am concerned that my emails might be caught in a spam filter. Could you please contact me using j_blackford at (replacing the “at” with the obvious). Thanks!

By admin on 08.04.09 11:10 am

Jenny: Will do, and I’ll see you at Worldcon – Cheryl

By John T. Carney on 08.04.09 3:38 pm

Do I have to be a member to know who’s going to be signing at the convention? Will Stephen King or Clive Barker be there? I’d kind of like to know before I commit to buying a membership if that’s possible.

John T. Carney

By admin on 08.05.09 9:20 pm


Just about every author who attends will be at the traditional mass signing event, so a check of the membership list should tell you who will be signing. King and Barker have not yet bought memberships and have not attended in previous years.

Note also that WFC is primarily a professional networking event. If you are used to traditional SF conventions with lots of fan-oriented events, this is not the place to come.

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