Banquet and Columbus Sales

By Cheryl on November 1st, 2009
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If you want a banquet ticket, or a membership for next year’s World Fantasy in Columbus, the sales table has now moved to outside the Regency Ballroom where the banquet is due to take place.

Sunday Registration

By Kevin on November 1st, 2009
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Main Registration will not be open on Sunday. If you still need to collect your membership materials, come to the Empire Room (Convention Operations/Green Room) after 10am on Sunday morning.

Last Minute Memberships

By Kevin on October 28th, 2009
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We have seen in the past day or so a couple of people who have had to cancel their trips to WFC at the last minute due to illness, and who have posted their memberships for sale on the WFC LiveJournal Community. If you are still looking for a membership, you might want to look over there and see if the memberships are still available.

Banquet Tickets Still Available

By admin on October 18th, 2009
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There are still tickets available for the WFC Banquet on Sunday at 1 PM. Tickets are $75 each (or $750 for a table of ten). We hope to see many of you at Sunday afternoon’s banquet, which will be immediately followed by the World Fantasy Awards Ceremony.

You can check to see whether you bought a ticket on the Membership List page. If there is a * by your name, our records show that you bought at least one ticket.

Attending Memberships Sold Out

By admin on September 21st, 2009
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We have reached our membership cap and have stopped selling attending memberships. No memberships will be sold at the door. You can still buy supporting memberships and add banquet tickets to an existing attending membership using our registration form.

Some people who have already purchased attending memberships are not going to be able to attend and have offered to sell their memberships to other people. We suggest checking the unofficial World Fantasy Convention LiveJournal Community for offers of memberships for sale or to make an offer to buy.

For information about transferring memberships, see the Membership Transfers section of our registration page.

If you have questions about Registration, contact registration [at]

Book Bag Donations Open

By admin on September 18th, 2009
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We are now accepting shipments of donated books to be given away at the convention in the attendee book bags and related ephemera such as bookmarks, postcards, fliers, buttons, stickers, etc. for distribution on the freebie tables.

If you are interested in donating books or other material for distribution at the convention, see our Book Bags page for shipping and contact information. Please do not send donations to our main mailing address or without first contacting our Publisher Liaison.

Registration Reminder

By admin on August 25th, 2009
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Our attending membership rate is due to rise from $125 to $150 as of September 1st, so if you want to take advantage of the lower rate please buy your membership now.

We also note that we are currently only about 100 memberships away from the cap we have been asked to keep to by the World Fantasy Board. Memberships are currently coming in very quickly and it seems likely that we will hit that cap.