Book Bags

The World Fantasy Convention 2009 is now accepting shipments for donated books for the attendee book bags, as well as any related ephemera – bookmarks, postcards, flyers, buttons, stickers – being donated for giveaway at WFC.

If you are a publisher wanting to donate in quantity, and have not already been in touch, please contact Rina Weisman. Please do not send books without first emailing her.

We will accept shipments until Tuesday, October 27th. If your shipment arrives after that date, we will return it to you.

Label shipments as follows:

Rina Weisman / WFC 2009
c/o Extra Space Storage
Attn: Unit 74
2501 Cesar Chavez Street
San Francisco CA 94124

Please write ‘BOOKBAG’ in large letters, somewhere on the side of the box.

Please keep a record of your shipping information and tracking number. Please note that the WFC2009 is not responsible for packages that go astray on their way to us.

This address is not for dealers wishing to ship their merchandise to the convention. Shipments to the Dealers Room will be accepted beginning in October. Please contact Dave Clark if you have any questions about the Dealers Room.

A letter acknowledging your donation will go out to you after the close of the convention.

By Shauna Roberts on 09.19.09 6:25 pm

How many attendees do you expect? If I send bookmarks, do you expect me to send enough for every goody bag?

By Kevin Standlee on 09.19.09 6:32 pm

I have passed your query on to our Publisher Liaison, which is where we ask that people send questions about the Book Bags.

By Rina Weisman on 09.19.09 11:06 pm

You are more than welcome to send them, but ephemera such as bookmarks, postcards, buttons, stickers, sample chapters, etc. no matter what the source, are put out for attendees to take according to their interest in the materials offered. They do not get put into bookbags.

200-300 of any item for the giveaway table is sufficient, and can be sent to the above address, or bring them yourself, and place on the tables. Feel free to email at any time with questions.

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