Attending Memberships Sold Out

By admin on September 21st, 2009
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We have reached our membership cap and have stopped selling attending memberships. No memberships will be sold at the door. You can still buy supporting memberships and add banquet tickets to an existing attending membership using our registration form.

Some people who have already purchased attending memberships are not going to be able to attend and have offered to sell their memberships to other people. We suggest checking the unofficial World Fantasy Convention LiveJournal Community for offers of memberships for sale or to make an offer to buy.

For information about transferring memberships, see the Membership Transfers section of our registration page.

If you have questions about Registration, contact registration [at]

By G. O. Clark on 09.22.09 4:21 pm

Seeing as the attending memberships are sold out, and there’s still folks out there who might want to attend on a friday or saturday, it would be great if you could sell one day memberships or passes to the convention. I know of at least two other people who would be interested in this, as well as myself.

By Kevin Standlee on 09.22.09 4:25 pm


As we say on our Registration page, World Fantasy Conventions do not sell single-day admissions.

The membership cap and many of WFC’s membership policies are not set by the individual convention committees, but are conditions established by the board of directors of the World Fantasy Convention.

By Don Clary on 09.22.09 4:46 pm

I have attempted to e-mail these comments to registration by the suggested address with no success.
World Fantasy Convention Registration Staff,

Looks like everyone is planning a great convention. I would like to attend, but I failed to acquire the necessary membership. Do you know of any membership availabilities? Can you guide me to a single available membership purchase and transfer? My e-mail is I know you have to be busy, so I thank you for any time and considerations you can offer me regarding this issue. Determined, Don Clary

By Kevin Standlee on 09.22.09 4:59 pm


Our Registration team do not have a supply of attending memberships that they can dole out to you. As far as I know, your best opportunity to get a World Fantasy Convention membership is to check out the WFC LiveJournal Community referenced above, as I see you have done. You might want to consider joining LiveJournal (accounts are free) so that you can post a message there (as opposed to comments on other people’s posts) saying you are in the market for a membership.

To clarify some things I also posted to your comment on the WFC LJ:

1. All attending memberships are for the entire convention. There are no single-day or partial-duration memberships.

2. Memberships do not include hotel accommodations. You need to make your own hotel arrangements; see our Hotel Information page for details on booking a room in the Fairmont Hotel.

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By drew white on 09.24.09 8:25 am


looking to buy a membership if anyone is selling


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