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Reservations Now Open

Hotel Reservations for the 2009 World Fantasy Convention are now open! Click here to make your hotel reservation.

The 2009 World Fantasy Convention is being held at:

The Fairmont Hotel
170 South Market Street
San José, California 95113


This excellent facility was also the headquarters hotel for the 2002 World Science Fiction Convention, ConJosé. Click here to make your hotel reservation. For more information about the hotel, see the San Jose Fairmont’s web site.

Standard Room Rates

Standard rooms (also called “Fairmont rooms”) cost $130 for one or two people and $155 for three or four. (See below for information about Signature (“Lanai”) rooms.) That rate is good for October 26th through November 6th. The cut off date for reservations is October 6, 2009, the first Tuesday in October. If for some reason you’ve had to wait until after that to reserve a room please get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do.

Signature/Lanai Rooms

Signature rooms are also called Lanai rooms and can be reserved online. These face the pool area and have small, shielded patios. Given the probable weather these are nice places to spend time – especially if you smoke – but can’t be used for parties. (Sorry, but the sound carries and echoes up the building.) Signature rooms cost $160 for 1 or 2 people, $185 for three to four.


You must book suites through the convention (hotel [at], not through the regular room reservation service. See our Suites page for more details.

Internet Access

If you sign up for a free membership in Fairmont’s President’s Club frequent-traveler program, you receive free high-speed internet access in your sleeping room. (The Fairmont does charge for high-speed internet access in sleeping rooms and suites unless you are a member of the President’s Club.) When making your room reservation, enter your President’s Club number in the comments section.

Internet access is free in the lobby lounge area and public areas on the ground floor; however, there is no internet access in the ballroom and function space areas.


The Fairmont is a non-smoking hotel; there are no rooms where
smoking is allowed.

Roll-Away Beds

Roll-away beds are available on a first come, first serve basis. Because there can be no more than four people in a room these can only be put in rooms with one bed, not two. And because hotels are often changing the names of different types of suites you’re going to get two names for each room or suite.

The Bar

If you attended ConJosé, you’ll probably remember the Fairmont Lobby Lounge. Even if you weren’t there in 2002, you’ll want to join your fellow members in one of the best hanging-out bars around. (Scotch lovers should note that, while nothing could beat the prices in 2008 in Canada, the Fairmont has a much wider selection.)


If you have questions about the reservations, suites, or anything else about the hotel, contact our hotel liaisons at hotel [at]

By Robert Silverberg on 05.01.09 10:54 am

Still trying to book a suite through the con. May I hear from you soon?

By Ancilla Allsman on 07.19.09 10:52 pm

Is there a parking fee at the Fairmont? If yes, what is the charge per day?

By Kevin Standlee on 07.19.09 11:34 pm

Ancilla: Parking (Valet only) in the hotel’s parking garage itself is $26/day. See the hotel’s map and directions for further details. In our travel section, under “By Car/Parking,” we recommend against parking at the hotel itself, and we discuss the alternatives. There are many parking lots (open air, no clearance restrictions) and garages in the area around the hotel, including immediately across the street. See the San Jose Downtown Parking information web site for more information.

In general, there is no free parking in downtown San Jose, although it is possible that in some parking lots and garages, if you exit late at night or during certain hours, you will not be charged. Unfortunately, the conditions under which this may happen are so unpredictable that we can’t give a hard and fast set of guidelines.

Also, if you need free parking and don’t mind having your vehicle a couple of miles away, you can park at the Tamien light rail station’s long-term parking spaces and ride light rail downtown. The parking is free although there is a fare for riding light rail.

By Seth Breidbart on 07.31.09 1:22 pm

The hotel advertises that parking for hybrid vehicles is free.

By Deborah J Ross on 09.12.09 9:50 am

I just talked to the hotel and they confirmed that there is no parking fee for hybrid vehicles. Thank you, Seth, for mentioning it!

By Steve Boyett on 10.03.09 10:21 pm

Am I the only person here who finds it outrageous this hotel is happy to ding its customers $26 a day for the privilege of parking? I’m paying a non-hybrid tax to a private company? Excuse me?

By Kevin Standlee on 10.04.09 8:57 am


The reason it’s $26 is that the only hotel parking is valet parking, and valet parking is usually expensive. We’re not meeting in some remote suburban location with acres of free parking, but in a downtown location where parking is not free. However, as we note on our travel page, there is lots of parking in downtown San Jose, much of it close to the hotel (as in immediately across the street), both in surface lots and garages, much of it at far more reasonable prices that the hotel’s valet parking garage. I’m driving myself, and I certainly won’t be parking in the valet garage, but probably across the street in one of the surface lots.

By Ita on 10.26.09 9:27 pm

Thanks for the info on the free parking at the Tamien light rail station, which is where I think I’ll park. I notice that it’s only 2 miles away from the hotel, very easy walking distance and the exercise would be good for me. Does anyone know if the walk is through “safe” neighborhoods? It’s not a slum rife with gang activity, is it?

By Kevin Standlee on 10.26.09 10:24 pm


San Jose is one of the safest large cities in the USA; however, I don’t even know what the walking path from Tamien to downtown is. I’d recommend going ahead and hopping on light rail — it drops you off right next to the hotel.

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