The Bay Area is home to a number of fine independent book stores. We urge you to support your local independent bookstore. Well, in this case, our local independent bookstores! But we are willing to share, courtesy of IndieBound!

What is IndieBound? It is a community-oriented movement bringing together booksellers, readers, indie retailers, and anyone else with a passionate belief that healthy local economies help communities thrive — meaning that dollars, jobs, diversity, choice, and taxes stay local, creating strong, unique communities and happy citizens.

For a fairly comprehensive list of bookstores in the area, should you be planning to happily browse and buy while in town for World Fantasy, please visit the IndieBound store finder. For the best selection, pick “50 miles” and “50 stores” and choose:

San Jose area / zip code 95113
San Francisco area / zip code 94107
Marin/Napa area / zip code 95404
Berkeley/East Bay area / zip code 94704

You’ll see each bookstore location flagged on the map and the sidebar will take you to the store’s profile and contact info (call before visiting).

The Bay Area is blessed with several science fiction and fantasy stores, so make time to visit:

Have fun, and may you find the signed first edition you seek! Remember – bookscouting is not a blood sport!

By Dave Nee on 10.28.09 4:39 pm

Hi. The three links to the bookstores are currently broken, as they have a prefix directed to the convention’s server. I know y’all are a little swamped, but if someone has time they might want to make a tiny quick edit. See you down there. Cheers, Dave

By Kevin on 10.28.09 4:49 pm


Thanks for spotting the mistake. We’ve fixed it, I think.

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