When You Arrive

Collecting Your Membership Materials

Convention Registration will be on the Ballroom Level (second floor), in the Market Street Foyer. If you already have a membership, you can collect your membership materials during these hours:

  • Wednesday, October 28: 7pm-10pm
  • Thursday, October 29: noon to 6pm
  • Friday, October 30: 10am-6pm
  • Saturday, October 31: 10am-6pm
  • Sunday, November 1: See below

On Sunday, November 1, from 10am-close, you can pick up your membership badge in the Empire Room (Convention Operations). Main Registration will not be open on Sunday.

Remember, if you do not have an attending membership, you will not be able to purchase one at the convention. Convention Registration will be open only to distribute membership materials to members who are already registered.

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