Hospitality Events

If you are interested in hosting an event – be it a book launch for an author or a celebration of one of our Guests of Honor – and you would like to book a hospitality suite for it, please contact Rina Weisman at

If you have already contacted Rina directly, at the above address, about such an event, she will be in touch with you regarding further details shortly. If you have not contacted Rina personally, your event is not booked; send her an email to secure your reservation.

Please bear in mind that if you have reserved a suite through the hotel directly with the intention of hosting an event in it and it is not on the hospitality floors of 19 & 20, you cannot host an event for WFC in your room. That is, you must have a suite on the 19th or 20th floors in order to host an event. Please email Rina immediately if you think this has happened.

Requests will be taken through Wednesday, September 9th. After that date, we may run a waiting list; when you contact Rina, she will advise you how your request stands. Please feel free to email Rina with any questions at

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