You must book suites through the convention; you cannot reserve them through the regular room booking service. Make your requests through our hotel/facilities liaison address, hotel [at] And if you have any questions about anything else related to the hotel, that’s also the address to use.

Suite Types

Suites must be reserved via the convention. Except where noted all suites are in the main building. On the Fairmont’s Suite Descriptions page the Fairmont still uses the name “South Tower” for the other tower but since everyone calls it the new building it’s “the new building” in our descriptions here.

Executive Suites

These are also called Junior Suites. They are all one room with a (small) square alcove containing a small table. There are a very limited number of these, some with two double beds and some with one king bed. Cost is $180 for 1 or 2 people or $205 for three or four.

Fairmont Suites

Fairmont Suites are one bedroom suites, each with a king bed. There is a standard (“Fairmont”) room with two double beds that can be connected to it. If you’d like that second room you can reserve a double and let us know the details, or we can reserve it for you. Cost for the suite is $230 for 1 or 2 people or $225 for three or four; the connecting room costs the standard room rate: $130 for one or two people or $155 for three to four.

Deluxe Suites

Deluxe Suites are in the new building. The most apparent main difference between the two buildings (which are connected by a skybridge) is that it’s newer and is in has controlled access. Cost is $260 for 1 or 2 people or $285 for three or four

International and Presidential Suites

The International Suite will be the convention’s Hospitality Suite. Adjacent to the International Suite is the Presidential Suite, which is self-contained but can also be connected to the International Suite. (For example, a large party might want to open the doors between the two suites so that Hospitality was directly connected to their party.) Connecting the Presidential Suite to the International Suite results in one continuous suite of rooms that runs approximately 2/3 the length of the building.

If you are interested in booking the Presidential Suite, write to the hotel/facilities liaison address, hotel [at] for pricing and available nights. Please let us know whether you want the suite doors between it and the International Suite open. (There is no additional charge to do this, since the convention already is using the International Suite.)

By Robert Silverberg on 03.20.09 3:43 pm

I’m not sure I put myself on the waiting list for a suite (non-party type) at the World Fsy Con. If I didn’t, please put me on the list now & notify me when bookings begin.

By Elspeth on 03.23.09 11:09 am

You are on the list and the page with rates should be up. I’ll be confirming reservations for people who have specified that they want non-party suites by the the first week of April if not sooner.

By Robert Silverberg on 04.20.09 2:48 pm

First week of April has come and gone. No confirmation from you. Have you started booking suites yet?

By Gail Carriger on 06.17.09 11:29 am

I would really love to book the Presidential suite for Oct 31 if available. If not, I would like a Fairmont Suite with connected second room for that night for a book launch party. I will email as well, but so far this hasn’t produced much traction.
~ Gail

By Rina on 09.03.09 2:49 pm

Gail – I believe all your questions have been answered by our emails. If not, check back with me when you return from Peru, and we’ll finalize everything. Thanks!

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