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By admin on August 26th, 2009
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If you wish to be considered for a place on our program please make sure that you have filled in the Program Questionnaire by the end of the month. The Questionnaire will be taken down on September 1st.

Update: Program participant registration is now closed.

By Paul Park on 09.01.09 8:01 am

Arrgh–I thought I had until September first. Is there any way I could get on the program? My name is Paul Park, and I’ve been nominated for the WFA a couple of times, most recently for my novel A Princess of Roumania.

Thanks, Paul Park

By admin on 09.01.09 3:46 pm

Paul’s message has been forwarded to Programming. As he was only a few hours late they can probably fit him in. But please don’t take this as an indefinite extension of the deadline.

By Chaz Brenchley on 09.03.09 10:51 am

Um, damn. Three days late. Is this definitively Too Late…?

– Chaz

By admin on 09.03.09 11:30 am

We shall pass your details to Programming, Chaz.

– Cheryl

By Nancy Etchemendy on 09.14.09 9:15 pm

I wonder how many other pros had no clue they were supposed to “sign up” for programming. I bought my membership six weeks ago. An email would have been nice.

By Kevin Standlee on 09.15.09 2:11 pm

Our Programming people have contacted Nancy directly.

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