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By Cheryl on October 23rd, 2009
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As with most high quality hotels, the Fairmont charges a daily rate for Internet access from your room. However, if you are a member of their President’s Club scheme then you get Internet in your room for free. And joining the President’s Club costs you — nothing. (You may have to give them a credit card number as that’s part of the express check-in system, but there is no club membership fee.) Details on how to join are on the hotel web site.

That access is for sleeping rooms only. It does not extend to the convention space. We are hoping to have free wi-fi available there too, but we don’t have any firm details yet as to how many simultaneous connections we’ll be able to afford.

By Sarah Goodman on 10.23.09 5:15 pm

Does this apply to the room or the individual member?If several people are sharing a room and only one is a member, can all of them use the account?

By Kevin Standlee on 10.23.09 6:46 pm

We don’t know the mechanics of how it works, I’m afraid. I used it during ConJose in 2002, but only connected one computer at a time, so I don’t know what happens if you have multiple machines.

Update on site: The access is for anyone in the room, or more correctly, anyone who knows the Fairmont President’s Club member’s name and number. However, as pointed out below, the room access applies only in the sleeping rooms and does not reach to the function space/ballroom level. We would like to be able to provide such access, but it would cost many, many thousands of dollars in hotel-imposed access fees to provide it.

By Wolfgang muller on 10.31.09 1:38 pm

That access is for sleeping rooms only. It does not extend to the convention space. This is sad and should be extended to all the rooms in my opinion.

By Cheryl on 10.31.09 2:12 pm


Yeah, we know. It sucks. But the ballroom level is function space and hotels think they can charge a fortune for Internet access in such spaces. It is all the fault of business conventions that are willing to pay a fortune for it.

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