Liars Panel Charity Event Successful

By Kevin on November 3rd, 2009
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The “Liar’s Panel” with Mark L. Van Name, Ellen Klages, Sharyn November, and Jon Courtney Grimwood was a resounding success at the 2009 World Fantasy Convention. Held Saturday night in the Club Regent theatre, the panel entertained an audience kept in stitches by their straight-faced and bold lies… and boldfaced and straight truth! Questions such as “What was the weirdest date you ever went on?” and “What is the strangest thing you own” brought the comedic talents of the panelists to the fore, and tested the audience waving dollar bills to challenge their lies. The event, in one hour, raised over $350 for Variety Children’s Charity of Northern California. We extend a big thank you to the panelists and audience from Rina Weisman and Variety!

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