Progress Report 2 Published

By admin on October 3rd, 2009
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Progress Report 2 is at the printer and we expect to have it in the mail by October 9. You can download a copy of the PR from our Publications Page.

By Annette Mocek on 10.08.09 9:43 am

I bought a membership a while back.
Should I be receiving Progress Reports?
A. Mocek

By Tom Whitmore on 10.08.09 10:46 am

Progress Report 2 went to the mailing house on Monday. Because you’re listed in the membership list, you should receive the mailed version unless you chose the option of only getting our publications in electronic form. If you’re within the US, copies should be arriving soon.

By Sarah Goodman on 10.08.09 10:56 pm

Mine arrived (Oakland, California) today.

By Stephen Nelson on 10.11.09 3:37 pm

The PR2 indicated to leave a comment if we wanted more details about the Public transit from SJC. Is this the place to leave said comment?

By Kevin Standlee on 10.11.09 8:19 pm

This is one place; another is our Travel Page, from which the material in PR 2 was derived. The instructions for using public transit from San Jose airport to the Fairmont Hotel are on that page under the section “Getting from SJC to the Fairmont.” From SJC Airport, follow the signs for VTA buses and catch a #10 “Airport Flier” bus with a “Light Rail” headsign. This bus is free and will take you to the nearest light rail station at Metro/Airport station. There are two platforms — one for each track. The track nearest to you when you get off the bus is the southbound (toward downtown) track. Go to the platform on that track. (The platforms at this stop are split, so be careful to get on the southbound/downtown platform). Buy a ticket from the vending machine ($2). You must have a ticket before you get on the train; you can’t buy a ticket on the train, and there’s a hefty fine for being caught without a ticket.

All light rail trains stopping on the southbound platform, regardless of whether they’re signed for “Winchester” or “Santa Teresa” are going downtown, which is where you want to go. Get off at the Paseo de San Antonio stop and look west (to the right of the direction you were traveling on the train). The Fairmont Hotel is the tall building with the fan-shaped windows at the top.

Walk through the Paseo de San Antonio pedestrian mall to Market Street, then turn right: the hotel’s entrance will be in front of you. Although there are doors to the hotel on the First Street side, they are exit only without a hotel room key.

I hope this helps.

By Stephen Nelson on 10.12.09 8:41 pm

Beautiful. Thank you.

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