Additional Information for Dealers

By Cheryl on October 14th, 2009
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Attention please dealers – you should have received a document by email from us with information about set-up, shipping, sales tax and other important details. Just in case it has gone astray, we have made it available here as well.

Everyone else, we are pleased to announce that we have extended the dealers’ room opening hours to 3:30 PM on Sunday to give you even more shopping time before you go home.

By Karen Wester Newton on 10.14.09 12:16 pm

Thanks, Cheryl! Since the banquet starts at 1:00 pm Sunday, should I assume that I should visit the dealer’s room first for those last minute purchases? In other words, will the banquet run past 3:00 pm?

By Kevin Standlee on 10.14.09 12:20 pm

No, the banquet and the awards ceremony that follow it are scheduled to end by 3 PM, which is why the Dealers’ Room is open until 3:30 PM. We want to have the Dealers’ Room open for a short time after the banquet and awards ceremony conclude.

Just a reminder: The awards ceremony takes place in the same room as the banquet and follows it. You can attend the awards ceremony without a banquet ticket, as the doors to the ceremony will be opened after the banquet and before the ceremony.

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