Got Food?

By Cheryl on October 17th, 2009
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We know that you like to eat, so we have been out and about checking local restaurants. Here is our San José local dining guide, complete with web links and maps. There will be more about the local area coming soon.

By Ellen Kushner on 10.21.09 5:02 pm

This is BRILLIANT and much appreciated! Will it be replicated in printed form at the con so I can use it to find resto’s there? Or should I be pre-printing out my favorite pages now?

By Kevin Standlee on 10.21.09 5:05 pm

It will be in printed form at the convention. The material here is adapted from what went into the printed guide. I’m glad to hear you’ll find it useful!

By Cheryl on 10.22.09 6:21 am


It is also on your iPhone in a nice, easy-to-view format. (And I know you have an iPhone ‘cos you tweeted about it.)

By Kari Sperring on 10.22.09 1:02 pm

Thank you: this is very handy.

By Ellen Datlow on 10.22.09 8:41 pm

Brilliant! Thank you for this.

By Randall Neff on 10.24.09 9:42 pm

There is a brand new Safeway grocery store just around the corner from the hotel in a brand new high rise condominium building. The address is 100 S 2nd or 88 E. San Fernando. Go out back of hotel onto 1st, turn left, turn right on San Fernando, on the right.
6:00 am to 11:00 pm. Deli, bakery, cafe. Tulley’s coffee. Google maps satellite shows a parking lot (old image).

By Randall Neff on 10.24.09 9:52 pm

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Scoop Shop, 115 East San Carlos, Sun-Thu 12n-11:00 pm, Fri-Sat 12n-12mid
Out back of hotel onto 1st, right, left onto San Carlos, two blocks on left after crossing 3rd.

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