Media Questionnaire


By john shirley on 09.13.09 12:10 am

could not get to lots of the questions on this form because of links from a previous page that showed up over it and also there was no word on the are you human box to submt

By admin on 09.13.09 2:31 am


Thanks for the feedback. This sounds like a browser compatibility problem as we’ve tested the form and several people have already filled it in. I’ll email you to try to sort it out.

More generally, if people can’t read the words in the Recapchta box, try pressing the button with the recycle symbol on it – that should give you new words.

Cheryl Morgan

By John Shirley on 09.13.09 7:11 am

Thank Cheryl, I got someone else using a different computer to fill it out for me.

By jeff vandermeer on 10.07.09 10:14 pm

your spam filter is really a pain from a cell phone.

By Cheryl on 10.08.09 2:20 am


My apologies. The software that translates our web site for use on mobile phones is very good for ordinary posts, but not so good with anything specialized like plugins. I’m afraid we don’t have anyone with the skills to re-write the spam filter for mobile use ourselves. Hopefully, as use of web sites on mobiles becomes more common, the technology will improve.

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