Banquet and Columbus Sales

By Cheryl on November 1st, 2009
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If you want a banquet ticket, or a membership for next year’s World Fantasy in Columbus, the sales table has now moved to outside the Regency Ballroom where the banquet is due to take place.

Business As Usual

By Cheryl on November 1st, 2009
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The Dealers’ Room is open for business and looks to be doing good trade.

The Art Show closed last night and is just doing sales pick-ups today.

Water Happens, Mostly Harmless

By Cheryl on November 1st, 2009
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We awoke this morning to the news that a pipe had burst in the hotel’s plumbing system and water from the 4th floor swimming pool was cascading down through lower levels of the hotel. The good news is that the flood has only hit the area where registration was yesterday, but they are not open today.

The affected area is on the far side of one of the walls of the Dealers’ Room. Our staff has been helping dealers move their stock just in case, but no stock has been damaged. The Art Show is on the far side of the room from the affected area and is in no danger.

As far as we know, the banquet will proceed as planned.

The sales table for next year’s World Fantasy was to have been placed where Registration was. The hotel is busy mopping up right now so they may be able to proceed as planned. We’ll post something as soon as we know where they have set up.

Sunday Registration

By Kevin on November 1st, 2009
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Main Registration will not be open on Sunday. If you still need to collect your membership materials, come to the Empire Room (Convention Operations/Green Room) after 10am on Sunday morning.

Too Late for Tables

By Kevin on November 1st, 2009
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Dealers Room manager David W. Clark asks us to advise everyone that applications for the 2009 World Fantasy Convention Dealers’ Room are no longer being accepted. Thank you for your cooperation.

American Fantastic Tales

By Cheryl on October 30th, 2009
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The convention is now in full swing, as you should be able to tell from our Twitter Tracker. There will be many different panels today, but one of the most popular is likely to be Peter Straub’s launch event for his new, two-volume anthology from the Library of America: American Fantastic Tales. The panel also includes Brian Evenson, S.T. Joshi, Tim Powers and Gary K. Wolfe.

A review of the anthology went up on BlogCritics today.

Non-Attending Writers

By Cheryl on October 29th, 2009
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We have been asked if we can post a list of writers who have had to cancel. Obviously we don’t necessarily know if people decide not to come. However, there are two things you can check. The first is to look at the list of blog entries about program for anyone dropping off a program item. The other is the LiveJournal Community where people are selling memberships.

And the cancellation you are most likely to want to know about is Holly Black.

More Last Minute Memberships

By Kevin on October 29th, 2009
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Still more last-minute memberships from people who are unable to attend continue to be posted at the WFC LiveJournal community.  It’s still not to late to get a membership!

Poe in Boston

By Cheryl on October 29th, 2009
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If you can’t make it to San José and happen to be near Boston, the University of Massachusetts is having its own Poe-based celebration this weekend. Participants include John Crowley and Elizabeth Hand. Details here.

Last Minute Memberships

By Kevin on October 28th, 2009
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We have seen in the past day or so a couple of people who have had to cancel their trips to WFC at the last minute due to illness, and who have posted their memberships for sale on the WFC LiveJournal Community. If you are still looking for a membership, you might want to look over there and see if the memberships are still available.