LiveJournal Community

By admin on August 21st, 2009
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We have had several requests of late asking about membership transfers and room shares. We are not in a position to arrange these for you, but there is a World Fantasy Con LiveJournal community (not run by us) which you may find useful for making such arrangements.

Progress Report 1 Mailed

By admin on July 11th, 2009
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Progress Report 1 mailed on July 8. We mailed PRs to all of our members and to those members of the previous two World Fantasy Conventions. You can also download a PDF of the progress report here.

Hotel Reservations Now Open

By admin on February 13th, 2009
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Hotel reservations for the 2009 World Fantasy Convention are now open! You can start your reservation from our Hotel Information page.

Update, March 4: A bug in the online room-booking system that initially was not allowing any reservations that included the night of October 28 has been resolved.

Happy 200th Birthday, Mr. Poe

By admin on January 19th, 2009
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Edgar Allan Poe was born on the 19th of January, 1809. Our convention honors the 200th anniversary of his birth. There are many tributes to Poe being posted around the blogosphere today. Here is Ellen Datlow, who recently published an anthology of new stories also honoring Poe’s anniversary.

Update: And here is Neil Gaiman.

$100 Membership Rate Extended

By admin on November 4th, 2008
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We have extended our $100 attending membership rate through the end of November 2008.  On December 1, 2008, the rate increases to $125, but through November 30, you can still register at the $100 rate.

Date Change

By admin on October 22nd, 2008
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Due to a scheduling conflict with the hotel, the 2009 World Fantasy Convention in San José, California will be held one week earlier than previously announced. The new dates are Thursday, October 29 through Sunday, November 1, 2009. The venue remains unchanged: the Fairmont San José. Any person who purchased a membership for the originally announced dates of November 5-8, 2009 will have the opportunity for a full refund of his/her membership if they are unable to attend on the new dates.

Convention Chairman David Gallaher explained, “The Fairmont came to us and explained that, due to internal miscommunication on their part, they had accidentally booked two events, one of which was ours, in the same space and time. After discussing it with the Fairmont, we agreed to move to the previous weekend. Agreeing to move allows us to hold the event on the traditional Halloween weekend, and has provided us with significant goodwill with the hotel.”

Gallaher continued, “We understand that the change may be inconvenient for some members, though we hope that a year’s notice is sufficient for most people to change their plans. Anyone who is unable to make the new dates will receive a full refund. Our staff will be on hand at this year’s World Fantasy Convention in Calgary to handle any questions. We very much hope that you will come and talk to us as we are keen to hear your ideas for the convention.”

For instructions on applying for a refund, please click here.

Memberships in the 2009 WFC are currently $100 and will remain at that rate until November 10, 2008 at which time they will increase to $125.