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By admin on November 25th, 2008
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We have had a few emails asking how to submit works for the 2009 World Fantasy Awards. You can find full details of how to do this on the official World Fantasy web site. The judges for 2009 are Jenny Blackford, Peter Heck, Ellen Klages, Chris Roberson & Delia Sherman, and we look forward to welcoming them to San José.

By Linn Vermilion Smth on 02.24.09 2:07 pm

Your guidelines for submission mention that I am to send additional copies of my book to the Awards Administrator. I could not find a name or address. Please advise.
Thanks so much!
Linn Vermilion Smith

By admin on 02.24.09 2:11 pm


The Awards Administrators names and addresses are listed on the official World Fantasy Awards web site, which is linked in the main post above. In case the link in the message above does not work for you, you can cut and paste the address into your browser:

To quote from that site, “Materials to be considered for awards must be received, no later than June 1, 2009, by all five judges with an additional copy to the World Fantasy Awards Association, Peter Dennis Pautz, President, PO Box 43, Mukilteo, WA 98275-0043.”

Kevin Standlee
WFC2009 Web Team

By Linn Vermilion Smth on 02.24.09 2:58 pm

Thanks Kevin,

On the guidelines page, Dennis Pautz is listed as President, but not as Administator. This is what I misunderstood. I finally found his ‘other’ title on a page of the Board members.

The submission guidlines also mention the submission ballot being on the website, but I cannot find it, and a search turned up nothing. Could you please direct me to it.

Thanks so much!

By admin on 02.24.09 3:04 pm


The World Fantasy Awards web site is administered independently from the web sites of the individual World Fantasy Conventions. I will forward your comment to the the maintainer of the World Fantasy Awards web site.

The members’ submission ballot is being prepared and we will be releasing it soon; however, I do not know the exact schedule for release, or else I would tell you when we expect to release it.

By Andrew Neill on 05.14.09 4:10 pm

I must admit to being confused myself, even though I have read the awards page. I am planning to register for the convention and would also like to nominate a book for the awards. But is the ballot paper the nomination form, or the voting form once all nominations are received? And is it ok just to nominate in one category–I can understand being asked to vote in all categories, but not nomiante, especially if you’re being asked to supply copies of the nominated works to all the judges. For example, this would lead to incredible double up potential if more than one eprson nominated the same works? It would be great to have an email to query process confusions like this without having to ‘post’ –although I guess the reply may assist others (unless I’m the only ‘dumbass’ out here).

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