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By admin on September 25th, 2009
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As the convention nears, will be publishing a lot of information on the web site. We’d love you to check with us regularly, but obviously you are all very busy people so you may not have time. Fortunately there are other options.

Those of you who use feed readers such as Google Reader or Bloglines can subscribe to our feed there. The feed URL is

If such things are all gobbledigook to you and you’d prefer to get updates by email, you can do that via an RSS to email service such as Feed My Inbox. Just enter that feed address and your email address and they’ll send you email when we update the site. They only send one email a day, so you won’t get inundated if things get busy here.

Finally our web site is configured to have a friendly interface on mobile devices such as the iPhone. You don’t get the full site menu, but you can search sites by category. So, for example, if you ask for all of the tourism posts you’ll get the one we just made, and you’ll be able to tap through to the local attractions page and the local area map.

If you have any questions about using the site, please let us know.

By Elspeth on 09.26.09 1:14 pm

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’ve practically automated getting the updates: it really did take me less than half a minute to set this up.

It’s not that I’m not computer savvy, just that I can never keep track of blogs; don’t get around to regularly checking all but a few websites; and haven’t used RSS feeds because, well, I never really bothered to learn.

My only request is that you break out the how to get updates into a separate post with a subject line such as “Automating getting updates”. Using the website it easy, not having to use the website isn’t.

By Greg Wilson on 09.28.09 2:13 pm

Is there any information on when program information will be available? Some people, including myself, will not be able to attend unless we’re on the program (a requirement for my university to provide funding), and it’s frustrating to be told that attending memberships are sold out before we even know if we’re on the program or not. Surely a month out from the convention isn’t too soon to post this information?

Any help would be much appreciated.

By Alan Beatts, Programming WFC 2009 on 09.28.09 5:36 pm

Dear Mr. Wilson,

I hope to have programming information available in a week or two. If your attendance at the convention is dependent on being on programming, you may contact me directly and I’ll do my best to give you what information you need.

FYI – Typically at WFC, final programming is set a few weeks before the con starts. Most of the years that I have attended, I’ve discovered what program items (if any) I’ve been scheduled for when I arrive at the convention and see the schedule. I hope to have information to participants in a more timely manner than that, but I thought it would be of interest to explain what the usual pattern is. But, you’re probably aware of this already since you attended last year, when registration also closed before the program was set.


By Alfred Jan on 09.28.09 6:01 pm

Alan: Do you know when the Con actually opens on Oct 29? What time can people start obtaining their badges and reg materials? And when does the dealer room open to attendees?

By Kevin Standlee on 09.28.09 6:12 pm


The short answer to your question is “Noon on Thursday.”

You can pick up your badge and registration materials starting Wednesday, October 28, at 7 PM. (Yes, that’s the evening before the convention actually starts.) It will open on Thursday at noon. See When You Arrive in the Registration section for further details.

The first program item on Thursday, October 29 is scheduled to start at 3 PM. See the Programming page for further details of the schedule outline.

The Dealers’ Room is scheduled to open to the attendees at noon on Thursday, October 29.

By Greg Wilson on 09.28.09 9:15 pm

Last year I was made aware of my status on the program by E-mail well before the deadline for purchasing attending memberships had passed, but that may just have been good luck–in the future I’ll try to be more proactive ahead of time. I’ve sent you an E-mail as you suggested–thanks for your help.

By tim sherburn on 09.29.09 8:34 pm

In many of the Conventions I’ve been to in the past couple of years, Kaffe Klatches have been sent up with some of the attending authors. I was wondering if you were going to program any over the weekend?
Cheers, Tim

By Kevin Standlee on 10.13.09 11:08 am


World Fantasy Conventions do not typically have kaffeklatches. However, given the layout of the hotel and the general composition of the membership, the Fairmont Lobby Bar and the convention Hospitality Suite might well prove to be one continuous kaffe-and-other-beverages-klatche.

By Gwen on 10.24.09 11:10 pm

I’m still having trouble obtaining a membership. I didn’t realize you had to purchase them so far in advance. What are the odds that if I show up on Thursday or Friday that someone will have an extra membership to sell?

I mean people do die in a Poeish kind of way…….hah!

By Kevin Standlee on 10.24.09 11:15 pm

Gwen, we’re sorry, but we cannot recommend you attempt showing up at the door in the hope of a membership appearing out of thin air. We will not sell membership at the door. The membership limit is a requirement imposed by the World Fantasy Convention rules, are not secret, and we published it from the start. It is not a new thing. We would love to sell memberships to everyone who wanted to attend, but our hands are tied on this matter.

We’re happy that lots of people want to come to our WFC, but unfortunately, the convention is full and we will be obliged to turn away anyone who attempts to attend without a membership.

Memberships are available to next year’s WFC in Columbus, and anyone planning to attend should bear this in mind and buy a membership sooner rather than later.

By Kevin on 10.28.09 10:21 am

On the other hand, as we just posted, some people have had to cancel at the last minute and have posted memberships for sale at the WFC LiveJournal Community. If you act quickly and can make instant travel plans, you may still be able to get a membership.

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