Art Show

Attending Artists

The following artists have registered with the show:

Dates of interest

Tuesday, September 15 – Deadline for submitting applications
Tuesday, September 29 – Jury decisions sent to artists
Thursday, October 8 – Artist registration forms and payments due
Friday, October 23 – Deadline for receiving Mail-in artwork
Thursday, October 29 – Art show available for hanging art

Entering the show

Artists are encouraged to show predominantly new works of a Fantasy, Horror (Dark Fantasy), or similar theme. Science fiction art with fantasy elements is also acceptable.

Only original works of art and fine art prints may be displayed in the Art Show, and they must be the property of the artist exhibiting at the show. We do not accept artwork for resale.

Single, signed, copies of “Fine art prints” from a limited edition may be displayed in the main art show. These prints are hand-made by the artist from a physical object (e.g. lithographic stones, etching plates, silkscreens, photographic material, etc.). “Mechanically produced prints” are entirely produced by a mechanical device without handwork by the artist (e.g., giclee, inkjet, laserprint, offset, color copier, etc) from any kind of original (including all-digital). Artists bringing one copy of a mechanically produced print may display this in the Art Show. Multiple copies of a mechanically produced print may only be shown and sold in the Print Shop.

Jury Process

This is a juried show. If you have exhibited at World Fantasy in two of the past four years or have been a World Fantasy Award winner or Artist Guest of Honor, then you are exempt from the jury process and are invited to exhibit you current works.

If not exempt, we must have your jury submission samples no later than September 15, 2009. Samples may be: tear sheets, photos, magazine covers, or slides. Please do not send originals of any kind, full-sized prints, or transparencies. If you would like them returned to you, include a self-addressed envelope, large enough to hold your samples and with sufficient postage. Digital samples of your work are preferred, provided the size of the e-mail containing the samples is no larger than 1MB (send multiple emails if necessary), and the files are formatted as JPEG/JPG, GIF, PNG or TIFF. If there is a web site that contains samples of your work, that web site address may be all we need. Send digital submissions to

At least three but no more than six samples must be included in a submission. Space will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, with the concurrence of the jury for inclusion in the WFC art show. Please include an Artist Registration form with your jury materials. This will enable us to put your name on your space as soon as the jury has passed your work without additional delay.

The WFC 2009 Art Show reserves the right to refuse the exhibition of any piece for any reason. Works that are judged to be libelous, plagiarism, obscene, or detrimental to the value of trademarked characters will not be permitted. Likewise, no artwork solely from commercial patterns, kits, or molds is permitted. If you have any questions, include a sample of the questionable piece with your jury materials. If problems arise, you may be requested to not show a particular piece.

Do not send exhibit fees until you have been accepted into the show. We will send you a confirmation letter including the amount due for your space at that time of acceptance. If you need to change your reservation you may do so then.

Reserving Your Space

Space in the World Fantasy Art Show must be reserved through an Artist Registration form. Artists who are exempt from the Jury process may include payment with the form. Bid and artist/print shop control sheets will be mailed to you with your confirmation letter.

Send all correspondence to the address listed on the entry form, or to Do not send correspondence to the mail-in art mail drop, as we may not see it before the show.


Panel fees are $40 for a 4′ x 4′ panel, with a maximum of four panels per artist. Tables are $65 for an 8′ x 30″ table or $35 for a 1/2 table, with a maximum of two full tables per artist. Fees are payable in US dollars. Payment must be made in US dollars. Make checks and money orders payable to “World Fantasy 2009”.

Mail-In Artwork

The shipping address for artwork will be included in your confirmation letter. All art shipped to the show must be shipped prepaid. Please utilize reusable cartons/ packing material and avoid packing peanuts if possible. The convention will not be responsible for damage to mail-in pieces. Provide clear instructions as to which carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.) you wish to be used for returning your art, the amount of insurance desired, and sufficient funds to cover return shipping and insurance. If no instructions are given, the art will be returned via UPS, insured, and at its discretion the convention may have UPS professionally pack items. Please do not ask us to use any sales proceeds to cover return shipping costs.

If you do not plan to attend the convention, also include US $35 for a WFC supporting membership. (The supporting membership requirement will be waived if you have been a past WFC Guest of Honor.)

We must receive Mail-in artwork by Friday, Oct 23, 2009.


You my designate an Agent to bring artwork to and from the Art Show. An Agent is someone that will handle your artwork and art show-related affairs at the convention. You authorize them to deliver and remove your artwork, make decisions regarding your artwork, and optionally to receive payments for you. If you are not attending the convention and will use an Agent, you need to send us a letter giving their name/address and what you authorize them to do on your behalf. Please give them a copy of the letter, too. (A sample letter is available on request.)


There will be awards given for Best of Show, Honorable Mention, and Viewers’ Choice.

Displaying Artwork

There will be space for both 3D and 2D work. All 2D work will be hung on 4′ by 4′ pegboard panels. Please let us know if you have other special needs (electricity, free-standing artwork) and we will try to accommodate them. Artwork is hung by hooks and bulldog clips (provided) unless the piece has attached hangers which will fit the hooks. While we will be as careful as possible when hanging mail-in art work, we will not take responsibility for pieces that are damaged either by shipping or hanging.

All two-dimensional artwork must be matted, mounted, or framed. When hanging, please allow enough room for bid sheets. If you intend to hang a business card holder, it should not interfere with bid sheets. If you are shipping in your artwork, please include a hanging diagram. Allow room for hangers, your bid sheets, and any other materials (business cards, etc.) you wish to display.

Small three-dimensional artwork (such as jewelry) must be in a lockable, closed display case. Small items without a case should be securely fastened to a larger display board or device. Limited display case space may be available; please inquire. The Art Show is not responsible for theft or damage to small pieces displayed without these precautions. If possible, please provide shipping boxes with packing materials for 3-D art for transport by a buyer.

You have the option of allowing pieces to be sold during the show immediately without the bid process (a Direct Sale or Quick Sale). A buyer may purchase your piece for that price (which you set) as long as no bids have been placed on the bid sheet. If you do not use this option, put the $0 or “N/A” in the Direct Sale Price space.

Once entered in the show, no piece can be withdrawn before the close of the show on Sunday, nor may the conditions of sale, amount of minimum bid, not-for-sale (NFS) status, etc., be changed without the express approval of the Art Show Director.

Labeling and Bid Sheets

All works displayed need two labels/tags: an artist name and address label and a bid/printshop sheet. The artist name and address label (on the back or bottom of the piece) should contain the your name and address, the title of the piece, and the artist and control sheet numbers.

The bid sheet contains your name, the artist and control sheet numbers, the title of the piece, the medium used, minimum bid (or NFS/NOT FOR SALE), and direct/quick sale price (if any).When numbering pieces, use numbers only; do not use letters. The print info sheet contains your name and artist number, the control sheet number and title of the piece, the medium used, and sale price.

If the piece is an original, enter the medium used to create it. If the piece is a print or reproduction, enter the printing technology used to reproduce it (not the medium of the original), the run size, and the position in the run (eg: “laserprint 24/100”).

Certificate of Authenticity

California state law (CA Civil Code Section 1742(a)) requires that a Certificate of Authenticity be provided to the purchaser of all prints upon request. We encourage artists to attach such certificates to their artwork.

Print Shop

The Print Shop is only open to exhibiting artists. There will be no commission on print shop sales, but a flat fee of $5 per item sold will be charged. All prints must be clearly labeled with the artist’s name, the title, and the print shop price. You may submit as many different prints as will display on a 4’x4′ panel. Indicate how much actual space your prints will need with your Artist Registration.

Both matted and unmatted prints are allowed in the print shop, but unmatted prints must be either packaged in plastic with stiff backing or rolled into tubes with one matted copy for display. We encourage you to shrinkwrap or sleeve all items going into the print shop to protect against damage from handling. No loose unmatted
prints will be accepted into the Print Shop.

Special Displays

If you wish to bring a special display for your art, we will try to accommodate you. All such requests will be handled individually.

The Art Show will be set up Thursday morning, and we will begin accepting artwork for display starting sometime Thursday afternoon. We will issue a receipt for all art accepted. You may not reclaim your artwork without this receipt and identification. If you cannot reclaim your art yourself, please make prior arrangements with the Show Director for your agent.

Abandoned Art

Unsold artwork must be removed from show by 7pm Sunday or it will be considered to have been abandoned unless prior arrangements have been made with the Art Show.

At the end of the show, any remaining artwork will be considered to be abandoned. We will attempt to contact the artist to return it, however if we are unsuccessful it will be disposed of at the discretion of the Art Show Manager.

Payment for Sales

Artists will be paid for sold artwork between five and six weeks after the Convention. No payments will be made at the convention. Checks are to the Artist’s legal name as shown on the Artist Registration form. To assist artists in safeguarding their rights as creators of their works, we will provide each artist with a record of all purchaser’s names and addresses.

Sales Commission

We will charge a 15% commission on all sales (excluding print shop sales).

Sales Tax

We are required to collect the Santa Clara County, California sales tax of 9.25% on purchases not for resale.

If you are buying artwork for resale, we will need your resale number and company name; you will not be charged sales tax in such cases.

Tax ID Numbers

If your net sales from the Art Show exceed $600, you will need to complete a Form W-9 with your taxpayer ID. If necessary, we will mail you a W-9 in November, and when you return it to us, we will then send you your payment. In January, you will receive an IRS 1099-MISC from SFSFC (WFC 2009’s corporate parent), which you will need for your taxes. To avoid delaying your payment, we suggest that you provide the completed W-9 prior to the end of the convention.

If your net sales from the Art Show are under $600, we will issue payment to you after the WFC.

Other Stuff

In all things, the judgments and decisions of the Art Show Manager/Director and staff are final.

Five written bids will send a piece to the voice auction. Pieces with fewer than five bids will be sold to the highest bidder on the bid sheet. The Show Director reserves the right to reduce or increase the number of bids required.


Photos will not be allowed within the art show without the express permission of the Art Show Director and the creators of any artwork that may be shown. Please do not give anyone permission to photograph your artwork in the Art Show. Press photographers may be allowed to take wide-angle shots of the room, or photograph a particular artist’s panels with the artist present, but only with permission from the Art Show Director.

All pieces are sold without any reproduction rights. We will provide a list of pieces sold, with the names and addresses of the purchasers. Be prepared for the Art Show staff to handle your sold artwork.

Artist Registration Form

A downloadable (PDF) copy of the Artist Registration Form is available here.