Lisa Snellings

Lisa Snellings with son OrionLisa Snellings’ art tends to inspire stories. She has a knack for finding talented authors to write them. Currently, she is working on projects with Larry Niven and Neil Gaiman. Most recently her art inspired stories by Peter S. Beagle and Gene Wolfe, (DreamHaven Books.) Earlier (2000), her Strange Attraction anthology gathered stories by some of the best authors of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror, inspired by her kinetic Ferris wheel. Next year, the American Visionary Art Museum will open an exhibit of her kinetic carnival, commissioned as a ten-year project by Howard and Jane Frank. Lisa’s work defies classification and utilizes a wide variety of materials and techniques, mixes two and three dimensions, kinetics and writings. Some works employ her two-inch tall Poppets which, on their own, are adored and collected all over the world.

Photo: Lisa Snellings with son Orion