Please note that all program items are subject to last minute changes due to factors beyond our (and the participants’) control. We will endeavor to keep these pages updated, and will post any changes to the main blog.

3:00 PM Crystal Room Round Robin Painting

Our participants will alternate working on a single illustration with oil paints, changing at 20 minute intervals. A great chance to see how the style and processes of artists vary.
Erik M. Gist, Lucas Graciano

3:00 PM Garden Room Reading: Lori Ann White

3:30 PM Garden Room Reading: Blake Charlton

4:00 PM Gold Room Poe’s Influence

The effect that Poe had on our field is extensive but two of the early groups who were strongly influenced by his work were Lovecraft and the other early writers of the Weird Tale as well as the authors of the “rationalist” mystery (i.e. Arthur Conan Doyle) and the paranormal mystery (i.e. A. Merritt). What were these influences and how have they carried over to modern Dark Fantasy and Fantasy Mysteries?
Jon DeCles (moderator), John Paul Langan, John Levitt, Kat Richardson

4:00 PM Garden Room Reading: Mark Sebanc

4:30 PM Garden Room Reading: Phyllis Irene Radford

5:00 PM Regency Ballroom Opening Ceremonies

Short ceremony opening the convention and introducing our Guests of Honor.
Jay Lake, Richard Lupoff, Garth Nix, Lisa Snellings, Michael Swanwick, Donald Sidney-Fryer, Jeff VanderMeer, Ann VanderMeer, Zoran Živković

6:00 PM Garden Room Reading: Janni Lee Simner

6:00 PM Club Regent Donald Sidney-Fryer Reading

Donald Sidney-Fryer, the last of the courtly poets, will read a sampling of his own work interspersed with the works of others in his style. Donald Sidney-Fryer

6:30 PM Garden Room Reading: James G. Anderson

7:00 PM Garden Room Reading: Eugene Myers

7:30 PM Garden Room Reading: Catherine Cheek

8:00 PM Club Regent The Google Books Settlement

The Google Books Settlement has caused worldwide controversy and will have a marked effect on every author and publisher. Hear various viewpoints on this issue.
Dan Gamber (moderator), Christopher Kastensmidt, Jay Lake, Karen Wester Newton, Charles Petit

8:00 PM Market St. Foyer Reading: Louise Marley

8:30 PM Market St. Foyer Reading: Frederic S. Durbin

9:00 PM Club Regent With Me, Poetry Has Not Been a Purpose, but a Passion

With works like “The Bells,” “The Raven,” and “Annabel Lee” Poe applied his dark romantic sensibilities to the art of “beauty in words.” Today, according to former SFPA president (and Nebula nominee) Mike Allan “science fiction poetry, fantastic poetry, speculative poetry, whatever you wish to call it, forms the core of a lively, thriving scene that coexists with genre fiction in many venues.” Join us for readings by poets active in the vibrant speculative poetry genre, and bring your “dark romantic,” fantastical, horrifying or science fiction poetry to read.
Gwynne Garfinkle (moderator)

9:00 PM Market St. Foyer Reading: Ken Scholes

9:30 PM Market St. Foyer Reading: Travis Heermann

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